15 Things to Look For In A Real Estate Company Before You Hire Them

April 7, 2022

 If you are planning to buy a property, it is important that you find the best real estate company in Karachi. There are many companies that offer good service and there are some which don’t deliver what they promise. Some of them also cheat customers by taking advance money from them without any guarantee of selling their properties. This guide will help you choose the right one for yourself. 

  1. Reputation

The reputation of your chosen real estate company should be reliable. Don’t take anything at face value; do proper research about the company’s track record before hiring them. If possible, ask for references from other people who have used their services. Check out their online reviews as well. It would be better if you could check their previous projects, especially those that are similar to yours. Try contacting their past customers and get a genuine opinion on how they handled their work. Also, make sure that you verify everything with local authorities like the police station or district administration office. 

  1. Services Offered

It is very important to know the exact services offered by your potential real estate company in Pakistan. You need to understand whether they can provide you all the support you require during this process. Are they offering you complete assistance? Do they have qualified staff members? Is their sales team trained enough to handle customers and negotiations efficiently? Make sure you discuss all these things with them before hiring them. 

  1. Fees & Charges

Ask your real estate company about the charges they will charge you for their services. They should clearly mention the amount of commission they are going to take after selling your property and the fee they are charging for listing your house on their website. These fees should be reasonable. The company must give you an estimate of how much time it will take them to sell your property. You have to pay a certain amount even if they fail to sell your house within the specified period of time. 

  1. How They Will Market Your Property

Does your realtor have a strong marketing strategy? Ask them how they plan to market your property through newspapers, social media, television channels and other mediums. Find out whether they have connections with influential people or not. Their past experience will help you determine their success rate. 

  1. Online Presence

You need to check how many people view your property while searching for houses online. It will show you how popular your real estate company is. Most people go online to search for properties now so it is extremely important that your real estate company has a robust online presence. 

  1. Timing

Make sure that your real estate company knows when exactly you are looking to sell your property. They should be able to meet your timeline requirements. If you want them to list your property on the same day you call them, then they should be able to do that without any issues. However, most of the times, it takes months for a property to be sold. Therefore, look for a company that understands your needs and caters to them properly. 

  1. Professionalism

Find out whether the staff members of your potential real estate company are well-trained professionals. Their behavior towards you matters a lot because you are going to be working closely with them throughout the entire process. It is best to choose a company that hires skilled and qualified employees. They should treat you respectfully and be available whenever you need them. 

  1. Communication

Before signing the contract with your real estate company, find out how often they will contact you. Ask them how long it would take them to respond to your phone calls, emails or text messages. You should be able to communicate with them easily since you are dealing with such a critical matter like buying property in Pakistan. 

  1. Understanding Your Needs

Your real estate company must understand your needs and requirements before they start marketing your property. You should discuss everything with your realtor so he/she can explain the whole process to you in detail. They should be able to answer all your questions and address any concerns you might have regarding the sale. 

  1. Follow Up Strategy

To sell your property quickly, you need to create a proper follow up strategy. Keep in touch with your realtor and see if they are getting any inquiries for your property. See if they are following up with the buyers and negotiating with them. This will help you determine whether your real estate agent knows how to market properties effectively. 

  1. Knowledge Of The Market

You need to find out if your realtor has knowledge of the current market conditions. He should be aware of the trends and prices that are being asked for different kinds of properties. If you are planning to sell a villa, then your realtor should know the price of similar properties in the area. A realtor who has experience in real estate business should be able to give you accurate information regarding the property’s potential value. 

  1. References

Don’t forget to ask for references from your real estate company. Ask them if they have worked with any famous personalities in the past. You can check out their websites to find some of their previous clients’ reviews. If they have good ratings and positive reviews, then it means they are experienced enough to handle your project successfully. 

  1. Past Sales Record

It is extremely important to find out how many properties your realtor has sold in the last few years. This will tell you whether they have sufficient experience or not. You should also ask them to give you the details of the properties they have sold recently. You can see the photos of these properties and get an idea of what kind of properties they usually deal with. 

  1. Marketing Tools

If you hire a reputed real estate company in Pakistan, they will use all the tools required to market your property. They will have a professional website and an active social media profile. They will also advertise your property on various platforms to attract potential buyers. 

  1. Transparency In Business

A realtor should always be transparent in business dealings. You should never hesitate to ask him anything regarding the sale of your property. He should provide you with all the relevant documents related to the sale of your property. 

Final Words 

Look for a real estate company that has a proven track record and sells properties in no time. They should be able to offer you appropriate advice regarding the selling of your property. Real estate agents must be honest and straightforward with you at all times. The team at Shaariq has a deep understanding of the local real estate market and offers tailor made solutions to every client. We have been serving our clients for several years and have helped them buy and sell their property in the best possible way. Our expertise lies in the residential and commercial sectors and we specialize in land sales as well. Contact us today to avail excellent services. 

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