Top 10 Tips To Make A Successful Home Inspection

January 19, 2022

Home inspections are a very useful service for real estate agents, property managers and homeowners. However, most home inspectors aren’t successful because they fail to follow the steps outlined in this article. 

1) Know Your Market 

Find out who is buying homes in your area. This will give you an idea of what types of homes buyers want and how much they can pay. It may be necessary to adjust your inspection fees accordingly. 

2) Do Not Inspect Before Closing 

If you are planning on selling your house before closing, don’t conduct an inspection. The buyer should have access to it prior to signing the contract. 

3) Always Be Prepared 

Bring several copies of photos, notes and documents with you when conducting a home inspection. You never know what questions you will get or what information you might need to provide. 

4) Use Video Equipment 

You should always record your inspections so that you can refer back to them later if needed. Don’t rely on memory alone! 

5) Ask Questions 

Your clients won’t always tell you everything about their houses. They may leave out things that could be important to you. Make sure to ask specific questions and listen carefully to their answers. 

6) Look For Evidence of Damage 

The buyer wants to know if there is any damage to the structure of the house, not just cosmetic issues like peeling paint or outdated carpeting. If the foundation has settled, it will cost more money to repair than if the problem had been caught early. 

7) Inspect Every Room 

Don’t stop at the front door. Look around each room, including the basement, attic and crawlspace. 

8) Look For Leaks 

Water leaks are one of the most common problems found during a home inspection. Water damages the structure of the house and can cause mold and mildew growth. It also makes the house less energy efficient. 

9) Check Electrical Wiring 

It doesn’t matter how nice the house looks if it is poorly wired. An inspector must check for proper grounding and insulation. 

10) Avoid Confrontation 

Never confront a seller directly about issues that you find during an inspection. You may think that they are hiding something, but it may actually be the other way around. 

Final Words 

A good home inspector is essential to getting the best price for your home and making sure that no hidden defects are left behind. Take these tips into consideration when hiring a home inspector for your next purchase or sale. 

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