Here’s How Foreigners Can Invest in Pakistani Real Estate

January 4, 2022

The government has decided to allow foreigners to invest in real estate here. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for safe investments and long-term growth. The government has also made it clear that they will not be offering any special privileges or incentives to foreign investors, but the market will still benefit from their presence. In this blog we will discuss in details the process of investment and why the government of Pakistan must relax the process to attract more foreign investment in the real estate sector of Pakistan. 

  1. The Documents Required from Foreigners to Invest in Real Estate in Pakistan 

A foreigner wishing to purchase property in Pakistan needs to submit all relevant documents as well as pay a processing fee. There are no exceptions, so if you want to buy an apartment or villa, then your application should include: 

  1. Passport (must have at least six months validity) 
  2. Original bank statements from the last three months 
  3. Proof of income (salary slips, etc.) 
  4. Medical certificate stating that applicant is healthy enough to live in Pakistan 
  5. Identity card issued by local authorities 
  6. Police clearance 
  7. Driving license 
  8. Visa 
  9. Marriage certificate for married couples and birth certificates for single people 
  10. In case of children, birth certificates issued by local authorities 
  11. NOC letter from employer 
  12. Letter of invitation from sponsor (if any) 
  13. Copy of passport-sized photo 

The processing fee varies depending on how much land you plan to buy but it’s usually around $100 per document plus another $50 for the medical certificate. If your application fails because one or more documents are missing, there will be extra charges. You can get a free copy of your documents from the nearest immigration office. 

  1. Rules for Foreign Investors 

Foreign investors can only own up to ten percent of a property. They cannot directly manage the property; instead, they need to appoint a company or individual who will do so on their behalf. Once approved, the property owner will receive rent from the company or individual. Rent is calculated based on a percentage of the property value, plus an additional amount per square meter of living space. As mentioned earlier, there are no special rules or conditions for foreign investors, but the government does require them to pay taxes and fees like everyone else. 

  1. Why Is It Difficult to Buy Property In Pakistan?

The main reason why buying property is difficult is because most properties are owned by locals rather than foreigners. Locals often don’t want foreigners to purchase property near them, especially if they feel threatened by them. This means it may take longer to find a suitable property. The other problem is that many locals still use old methods of measuring land, making it hard to accurately determine how much space you actually have left. If the government wants to encourage foreign investment and tourism in Pakistan, then they should also be encouraging people who own real estate to sell their properties so that foreigners can buy them up. Foreigners would like to come to Pakistan for work or vacation but there isn’t enough room here for everyone! 

  1.  What Are Some of The Challenges Facing Foreign Investors In Pakistan?

There are several challenges facing foreign investors in Pakistan. One major issue is the lack of transparency in the real estate sector. Because of the government’s heavy involvement in the industry, many transactions are done behind closed doors. While it’s understandable that the government wants to protect the interests of citizens, there are ways around this without compromising security. Another challenge is the fact that most of the population doesn’t understand how real estate works, which makes it difficult for foreigners to sell their properties. The lack of understanding leads to distrust, which is another reason why the government needs to work harder to educate the public about the importance of investing in property. 

  1.  Why Should We Relax Our Laws? 

It’s true that many countries don’t welcome foreign investors with open arms. However, our country has always been very welcoming towards outsiders, especially when it comes to business. A lot of companies have already set up shop here because of the relaxed policies. Many people think that allowing foreign investment in real estate will result in inflation and a drop in prices, but this isn’t necessarily true.  

If anything, it may help us become less dependent on imports and increase our exports. It’s important to remember that most of the goods that enter Pakistan come through India. Even though these products are cheaper than locally produced items, they often cost more due to transportation costs and tariffs. By investing in local businesses, we can create jobs, improve infrastructure, and strengthen economic ties between Pakistan and its neighbours. 

  1.  How Can the Pakistani Government Encourage Foreigners To Invest In Real Estate

The government of Pakistan should encourage foreign investment in real estate by offering tax breaks and preferential treatment. For example, the government could offer zero-interest loans to foreign investors who wish to purchase properties in Pakistan. This would make buying property much easier for foreigners and give them a chance to invest in our economy. Another option would be to allow foreign investors to lease land in exchange for payment over time.  

Leasing land allows them to keep their money invested while still enjoying some of the benefits of ownership. If these policies are implemented correctly, they will help increase economic growth and create more jobs. The government also needs to provide better infrastructure so that people can travel easily between cities. Roads need to be repaired and expanded; there is an urgent need for high-speed trains to connect major cities like Karachi with Lahore. These projects will not only benefit our economy but also help improve public safety. 

  1.  Why Should Foreigners Invest in Pakistani Real Estate

Foreign investors should consider purchasing property in Pakistan because of the following reasons: 

  1. It’s a great way to diversify one’s assets. 
  2. Investing in property is a great way to earn passive income.
  3. Property values tend to rise over time. 

. How Do You Know If Your Property Is a Good Investment?

You can tell if a property is a good investment by checking out the property’s location and condition. Make sure that the property is located near schools, hospitals, grocery stores, etc. Also check to see if the neighbourhood is safe and crime rates are low. If the property is in a desirable area, it should be easy to sell once you decide to move on. If the property is in an undesirable location, then you should look for a different property. 

  1. What Are Some Important Things You Should Know About Buying Property?

It’s important to know that real estate prices have been dropping recently due to economic problems. There has also been a rise in crime against foreigners here, which makes it difficult to buy property without protection. Before purchasing anything, you should get all your questions answered by an experienced local realtor or lawyer. If possible, make sure the seller isn’t hiding something about the property — such as hidden costs or repairs needed. 


The government of Pakistan is doing everything it can to attract foreign investment, but it needs to relax some of its policies to encourage more foreigners to invest in our real estate sector. Doing so will benefit both the country and the investors themselves. 

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