5 Reasons Why We Need Compact Apartments in Pakistan

January 6, 2022

Compact apartments are a relatively new concept. They have been introduced to cater for the changing needs of urban dwellers, especially women and families with children. These apartments come equipped with all modern amenities such as air-conditioning, water supply, electricity, cooking facilities etc. However, these apartments are generally very expensive and only accessible by those who can afford them. In fact, they may not even be affordable to most middle-class households or people living below poverty line. This is where the government should step in and make it easier for low-income groups to access compact apartments. It will also help reduce overcrowding in our cities thereby reducing crime rates.  

With this, we could finally get rid of slums! 

Here’s Why Pakistan Needs More Compact Apartments  

  1. Low Income Groups Are Overcrowded

The government should provide better housing options for its citizens. One way would be to encourage private companies to build more compact apartments in densely populated areas like Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi etc. The government could also offer tax breaks to encourage developers to construct more compact apartments. Another option would be to increase land allotment per household which would allow more space for each family member. These measures will definitely improve the quality of life for many poor people.  

  1. Women Are Overcrowded

There is an increased demand for compact apartments for families with both working parents. If more compact apartments were available, women could move out of cramped rooms into spacious and well-ventilated apartments without compromising on security.  

  1. Families with Children Are Overcrowded

Families with children need more space than single adults. Many families choose to live together in one room so that there is enough space for everyone. However, when you have more than four members in a small apartment, it becomes difficult to maintain privacy. A large number of families with children tend to crowd around communal spaces thus increasing crime rates.  

  1. There Is an Increased Demand for Homes That Offer Privacy and Space 

People nowadays prefer homes that offer some amount of privacy and space. People want to feel comfortable while staying at home but do not wish to compromise on security. Most people would rather spend their time alone in an apartment or house than in a crowded neighbourhood. This is why compact apartments are becoming popular among the youth.  

  1. Crime Rates Are on The Rise

Crime rates are on the rise due to overcrowding. Criminals take advantage of opportunities created by overcrowding. They often attack vulnerable individuals in order to steal money or valuables. Furthermore, crimes committed by gangs are also common in densely populated neighbourhoods. These crimes include robbery, burglary, theft, rape, murder, kidnapping, extortion etc.  

To Conclude 

I hope my arguments above have convinced you that compact apartments are a necessity. I believe that if we provide more compact apartments, then crime rates will go down significantly. We should also look into improving infrastructure in our cities. As a result, we will see a decrease in unemployment rates and improved quality of life for millions of Pakistanis. 

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