10 Types of Real Estate Agents to Avoid Working with in Pakistan

January 6, 2022

The real estate market in Pakistan is one of the most competitive and highly regulated markets. It’s not easy to find a competent agent who will represent you with honesty, integrity and efficiency.  

Here are ten tips that can help guide your way through this jungle: 

1) Avoid agents who offer quick fixes or shortcuts for sale/purchase process 

They might be good at what they do but it may cost you more than expected. If possible, ask them about their sales record and if any complaints have been filed against them. Ask questions like how many properties they sold in last year? How long did it take them to sell your property? Do they have experience selling similar type of houses? What was their commission percentage on average? Did they charge extra for repairs or maintenance work? 

2) Avoid those who give false promises 

If an agent says something that sounds too good to be true then don’t believe him! They might try to fool you by offering free inspections, low down payment etc. Don’t fall into trap of giving money without getting anything in return. The best advice I can give here is – “Do your homework before hiring an agent”. You need to know everything about the property and neighbourhood so that you can make a better decision. Never let yourself get pressured into signing anything just because someone is trying to push you into buying something. Also never sign a contract with an agent who tries to hide things from you. 

3) Avoid agents who overcharge you 

Never pay more than what is written in the listing agreement. Don’t trust anyone who offers you a higher price. There are certain hidden costs involved in every transaction. Make sure that you understand all these costs upfront so that you can negotiate accordingly. Never ever pay more than 10% of the asking price. If you feel like paying more then only pay up to 20%. And always check if there are any additional charges that have been added on top of that. For example, if you want to put in a new kitchen, roofing etc. then make sure that you agree to pay for those items as well. 

4) Avoid agents who tell lies about other properties 

I’ve seen some of my friends getting scammed by such people. They say that their property is worth much less than what they actually paid for it. But when you look closely at the property, you will see that it has several problems and needs extensive repairs. So, avoid agents who lie about previous transactions and properties. 

5) Avoid agents who promise quick results 

Real estate agents have no obligation to deliver fast results. Some of them might even delay things deliberately just to increase your frustration level. You should also keep in mind that sometimes slow progress might lead to better result. Just because your house doesn’t sell immediately after being listed for sale, it does not mean that you need to move out. It’s important to understand that patience is required in this business. 

6) Avoid agents who don’t listen 

It’s very frustrating when an agent refuses to listen to your concerns and requests. You might think that he is just trying to push his own agenda but it could be that he genuinely believes that his way of doing things is the best one. Don’t let him talk over you or interrupt you. Ask him to repeat himself so that you can understand him properly. Always make sure that your voice is heard loud and clear. 

7) Avoid agents who use aggressive tactics 

There are some unscrupulous real estate agents who might resort to threats or intimidation just to get what they want. They might even go as far as saying that they will cancel the deal if you don’t agree to their terms. Don’t fall into their trap. Remember that this is a legal transaction. Even though you might be tempted to back off from the deal, it’s still your responsibility to complete the transaction. If you decide to walk away from the deal then you will be breaking the law. 

8) Avoid agents who are difficult to reach 

You should never allow an agent to contact you only once. This is a common practice used by dishonest agents. They might pretend to be busy and ask you to call them back later. Never give them any chance to talk over you. 

9) Avoid agents who don’t show up on time 

Agents who are late to appointments are often shady characters. They might try to deceive you by telling you that they had some urgent work to attend to. Never trust such agents. They might be planning to skip out on you. 

10) Avoid agents who don’t communicate clearly 

Don’t allow an agent to speak in a language that you cannot understand. You should also avoid agents who use slang or colloquial phrases while communicating with you. Most of the time, they might be lying to you. If an agent seems vague or evasive then it’s best to move on from him. 

Final Words 

A real estate agent is an important person in the process of buying and selling a property. He has to play an active role in the sale of your home. You need to choose an agent carefully. A good agent will be honest, efficient, transparent and trustworthy. Your relationship with your agent is going to determine how smooth and easy your property purchase and sale goes. The first impression that an agent makes is very crucial. In most cases, it’s the agent who introduces you to other potential buyers or sellers. You should never take the agent lightly. We hope that our list of tips will help you in choosing a competent real estate agent in Pakistan. 

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